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 Bosses I need

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Bosses I need Empty
PostSubject: Bosses I need   Bosses I need I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 23, 2008 12:09 pm

First, I'm pissed. I wrote all this out already and it didn't take because my title was too short..grrrrr!
Second, I will help with any bosses/FB's I can.
Third, I recommend we use this thread to consolidate bosses/mobs so that as many people can benefit as possible from each kill.
Finally, these are the bosses/FB's I currently need (some I just have to accept the quest):

TT Squad mode - have a quest where I need to talk to an NPC inside.
Jewlescalen - who doesn't need this!
FB51 - Need Wyvern (last boss) ONLY for 3 separate quests.
FB59 - FB and culti quest.
Empyrean Slither - Token of Seven on Chi Shore.
Mantravip Scout - Token of Seven (near Misfotune) - this could be combined with others that need Dragon of Depths quest (have to accept quest)
Slitt - Nameless Isle (have to accept quest)
Eyes of Krimson Beyond (have to accept quest)
Garguntakong King - Tusk Town (have to accept quest)

That's all that I can recall and I don't think I will have any other bosses until my high 60's.

I can also solo FB19, 29, & 39. On 39, not positive on all the bosses, but know that I can clear every regular mob. I can also solo Gouf and Kimsa though I would prefer to avoid Gouf due to watchful eyes.

One last thing: I am also level 5 blacksmith and tailor. If you need something made, I will be happy to, you just need to provide the materials for each attempt. If you don't know what materials, go to the NPC (tailor, blacksmith) and choose manufacture equipment and look at what is needed (be sure to also look at the mats needed to create the metal or fabric as those are separate steps which still require mats).

Just [whisper] me in game if you need help and I will if I can.
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Bosses I need
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